There are many different causes of the infertility on the social level.

Sometimes woman finds out that she will never have children, because of different reasons. How does the husband react in this case? How can he stay consistent and calm in this situation? The usual piece of advice is to adopt a child. But many people doesn’t want to do this, as they want to have their own children.

Female infertility – something terrible to hear, and hundreds of females have to face it every year. Furthermore, the later woman get the diagnosis and the cause of the problem, the smaller is the chance for her to give birth to a child. So why can’t a woman become pregnant? What is the cause for her organism not to bear a child?

In fact, there are plenty of reasons for women infertility. But the most common one is the ovulation problem. If the menstrual cycle of a woman takes less than 21 day and more than 35 days, it means that the ovum just doesn’t have enough time to mature or it is just unsustainable.

In this case, a complete development of the follicle doesn’t happen. That’s the reason the healthy ovum isn’t produced. It means that the sperm cannot inseminate it. That is why the pregnancy doesn’t happen.

The second possible reason is the dysfunction of the ovaries. It happens when there is an error in the ovaries’ system of hormones production. There are too many or too small of them being produce.

That is why, again, the same follicle problem happens, which doesn’t allow the ovum to mature. In this case, the ovum either doesn’t grow at all, or it matures, but as an unsustainable.

The dysfunction of the hormones system may happen because of the brain injury, or beause of a tumor in the pituitary gland.

Another common reason of female infertility – problems with the hormones. Monthlies either don’t happen at all, or they happen but the ovum is not produced. In this case, there may be a problem with the sex hormones or the thyroid and pancreas glands hormones.

Early menopause is another reason for female infertility. Normal menopause begins at the age of 50 or 55. But sometimes the sufficient amount of ovum runs out at the age of 40 or 45. That is not normal, and sometimes you can solve this problem with the hormonal treatment. However, you should keep in mind that early menopause is transmitted from generation to generation, so you should try to get pregnant right after this problem is solved.

Polycystic ovaries is the most sophisticated cause of the infertility. It causes hormonal background problems and changes of the ovaries. In this case, the follicles are underdeveloped, and that is the reason the ovaries are not developed enough as well.

In this case you can see a lot of follicular cysts on ultrasound analysis, and the ovary itself is enclosed in a white capsule, which doesn’t allow even a randomly formed ovum to get inside.

Sometimes the reason of the infertility can be the mucus in the cervical canal. It is either too thick, or, is poisonous to the sperm because of the characteristics of the female body.

The female infertility can also be caused by the psychologic problems (you can read the psychologic infertility article for more details). In this case, you should ask an experienced psychologist to help you.

Infertile marriage

Annually every fifth couple face the infertility problem, which means you cannot conceive a child even if you have the regular sex without the contraception during one year.

Types of the infertile marriages

The absence of a woman's fertility can be primary or secondary.

The primary state is considered if the woman has never been pregnant in her life. If she had a pregnancy (ectopic or interrupted), inability to give birth is considered secondary.

Male infertility is considered secondary, if the person has got children already, but the new attempts to become a father are not successful.

A fertile marriage can be divided into:

1. female,
2. male,
3. combined (when both spouses have problems with the conception).


The modern medicine has made tremendous steps in the treatment of childlessness regardless of its causes. In order to calculate your chances correctly, the couple should undergo a medical examination, which includes a number of diagnostic procedures for both woman and man.

Infertile marriage diagnostics

First of all, both spouses should undergo general clinical tests. They include such types as:

• blood test for the hormones;
• blood test for infection and internal organs diseases;
• urinalysis for urinary tract infection;
• taking a smear for STI infections;
• blood test for AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis.

Problems of infertile marriage can also be caused by the dysfunction of the genital organs. A diagnostic program helps to identify them, it usually consists of the following:

• genetic disorders;
• patency of the fallopian tubes;
• functional abilities of the ovaries, uterus;
• spermogram.

In case of the pregnancy absence women are consulted by a gynecologist, while men ae consulted by an urologist-andrologist.

The most important analysis for a man in this case is the spermogram. The ejaculate diagnostics allow you to get a complete table of possible diseases of the fertility function.

The spermogram allows you to explore the main characteristics of the spermatazoon, which causes the fertility of a man.

These characteristics are:

• number and mobility of spermatozoa, their shape (normal, abnormal), structure;
• the consistency of the sperm, its color, viscosity, volume;
• the number of leukocytes in the sperm, as well as the presence of substances responsible for its viability (zinc, L-carnitine).

Complex diagnostics of both spouses allows you to know the certain reason for the infertility and to find the avenues to get the solutions.

Causes of the infertile marriage

Absolute impossibility of woman to become pregnant is very rare.

The following factors are the most common causes:

• psychoemotional (stress, overwork, mental trauma);
• functional (problems of the sexual functions of the body);
• immunological (for example, a rhesus-factor conflict);
• traumatic (traumas of external or internal genital organs);
• medicinal (taking drugs that may have negative effects on the possibility of conception, for example, sedatives).

The possible reasons for an infertile marriage may be some other things.

That is why every couple is treated individually.

An infertile marriage: treatment.

Medical technologies include 2 main ways to treat infertility:

1. recovery of the natural fertility;
2. use of the assisted reproductive technologies.

In case the pregnancy absence is a chronic inflammation consequence or a hormonal failure, treatment is conducted to restore the natural fertility.

In this case, the scheme is developed by the gynecologist, endocrinologist, immunologist and the andrologist. Such schemes for the treatment of infertile marriage are based on the personally selected antibiotics, hormones and other drugs intake.

Sometimes the conservative methods are ineffective, and the couple can try to use the assisted technologies. Assisted reproductive technologies include the methods of infertile marriage treatment, based on the latest science achievements. They include:

• in vitro fertilization;
• artificial insemination with the husband’s sperm;
• spermatozoon injection directly into the ovum.

In cases when the infertile marriage diagnostics determine the absolute childlessness of one of the spouses, the couple can use the donation of an ovum or sperm.

Statistics show that more than half of couples have become parents right after the first medical treatment. 45 % of women took pills, and the other 55% used injections. 70% of women succeeded in conception.

This data is about the first year of treatment after the diagnosis was stated. 65% of women succeed in conception after two years of treatment.

Competently chosen methods of solving the infertility problem allow you to conceive a child in 5 years. For example, in case of husband's inability to give a healthy ejaculate, donor sperm allows the 80% of women to become mothers. In this case, couples need some time to make such a decision.

Medical assistance for the infertile marriage is based on the use of all possible methods of conceiving a child. If the problems are related to physiological causes (eg, removal of the uterus due to a trauma), the couples consider using surrogacy.

You should remember that there is always a possibility to create a family with a healthy child, or even several of them. The first step to make your dream come true is the visit to the doctor.

Who should you contact to solve the infertility problem in Kiev?

The problem of male and female infertility is solved in the specialized medical centers.

Do not despair if you having problems conceiving a child. In most cases the right doctors can solve such a problem and in some time after the start of the treatment you will be able to feel the happiness of being a parent.

Do not delay your chance to become parents!