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My name is Vitalii Kovalenko, I am the founder and manager of the Perfect Family - Surrogate Motherhood Agency.

Since the year of 2013 I’ve been helping families from all over the world solve problems of infertility.

During this time I created a multidisciplinary team in Ukraine, which has helped more than 250 families experience the happiness of being parents.

Our specialists guide you at all stages, from the moment of making the decision to use the services of the clinic for reproductive technologies.

We present the most complete information for future parents so that they can choose a program in accordance with their wishes, we provide legal and psychological consultative support, translation services, provide shuttle service and comfortable stay in the city where your chosen clinic is located.

The specialists of my team will literally guide you by the hand through the whole process, so that you do not think about anything other than your health and the health of your future child!

On pages of our website I will share with you some brief, but useful recommendations for solving infertility problems, and also I'll tell you a little about myself and patients who with our help have felt this great happiness - being parents!

Choosing a company

Choosing a company that specializes in the surrogate motherhood is a rather complicated dilemma for most parents who have the necessary knowledge and experience.

Each case is very individual, each case is a person's life, and there is no right to make a mistake. Remember this when deciding who to cooperate with.

We have created a multidisciplinary team in Ukraine for you that accompanies you at all stages, from the moment you make a decision to provide surrogate motherhood services. We provide the fullest information for future parents so that they can choose the program according to their wishes, provide legal advice, psychological support, interpreter services, provide a transfer and a comfortable stay in the city where the clinic is located.

Up to date, each of the clinics has a huge number of clients, therefore, it is not always capable of timely responding to your request and providing timely information, but with our help you will always keep your finger on the pulse and monitor all processes with the help of a dedicated manager who transmits You all information in electronic form.

Our experts will literally hold you by the hand, so that you do not think about anything, except your health and the health of your future child!

Today Ukraine is one of the best places for surrogate motherhood and is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine since 2004. We have chosen this country because it offers the maximum legal guarantees and fairly competitive prices. That is, we will find you the same guarantees, the same high level of service and professionalism at a much more competitive price. We cooperate with a number of clinics that specialize in surrogate motherhood and reproductive technologies. Thus, we will help you find the clinic that is most suitable for you.

Being parents is never too late and never too early. You can be parents at any age.

The most pleasant sensations from my work is when the clients and me come to the hospital in order to visit their children for the first time. When they first see their kids, and with tears of joy and happiness they hold their long-awaited babies in their arms.

Every time I watch such an event, I remember my own life experience and I also have tears in my eyes because I understand that in order for this family to become happier I also made a certain contribution. And now they can give their warmth and care for it a small creation of humanity. They will be able to observe how children grow up, protect and care for them and pass on their life experiences.

The most important thing on which I want to focus your attention is your desire and readiness to become a PARENT. Before you "start" a child, you must understand and remember, it's not a doll or a puppy, it's a very serious and responsible step in your life. This is a lack of sleep in the coming year, it's diapers that do not smell very nice, permanent child crying day and night. If a child cries, it does not always mean that he is sick, so he simply remembers his existence. It is very important for children that they are loved and cared for. And, if you have firmly decided to take such a step, I congratulate you, YOU MUST OBTAIN ALL!

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