The desire to have children is deeply rooted in many people, whereas not being able to fulfil this desire leads to shock, stress and negative psychological implications. And although IVF method is not a panacea for treating infertility and does not guarantee pregnancy, it gives an actual chance of having children to couples doomed to childlessness.

Our main objective is to effectively solve infertility problem especially in complex groups of patients with various combined factors and idiopathic forms including women in advanced reproductive age.

In the course of many years we have been constantly achieving high results in occurrence of pregnancy, at the same time minimizing potential complications.

Our results are based on the following:

• Using modern treatment concepts in the process of implementation of initiated protocols, including applying deferred transfer. Such tactics in the center of IVF of our partners allows to significantly reduce the rate of both complications in in vitro fertilisation protocol itself and in early stages of pregnancy.
• Thorough examination of both spouses by analysing individual traits including genetic probability of occurrence of potential diseases in the child.
• Steadily high rate of occurrence of pregnancy and ensuing childbirth including in most complex age group of patients by using constantly improved embryological lab processes, introducing new equipment and training of specialists in world’s leading reproduction centers.

The main goal fulfilled in reproduction centers is uniting specialists of top level, knowledge, skills and experience with the purpose of ensuring high-quality medical help in overcoming infertile marriage.

Our principle is to provide paid medical services without a commercial approach in treatment. All examination techniques assigned by our doctors are clinically based at all times.

Our aim fully matches yours: every day we are rejoiced by occurred pregnancies and new-born babies in our clinic.

When pregnancy appears hard to accomplish, there is a need to seek ways to treat infertility, and in vitro fertilisation is one of the most effective methods. A majority of married couples can tell you how new technologies enabled them to experience the joys of motherhood and fatherhood and to become happy parents.

The procedure consists in creating enabling conditions for the fusion of female and male cells, which is done out of the body. It assumes stages of stimulating ovulation, including use of hormonal drugs. This measure is dictated by the need to get more female cells. Doctors recommend using the most sparing drugs with minimal side effects. After terminating the hormonal stimulation they cease to be effective, which guarantees safe use of medications.


When medications and other ways to treat infertility prove ineffective, artificial IVF is the best way out.

Indications for the procedure include:

• blocked fallopian tubes;
• male factor obstructing natural fertilization;
• endometriosis;
• impaired ovulation;
• other types of infertility.

The procedure involving use of donated oocytes is carried out in the following cases:

• woman lacks necessary number of eggs due to previous surgeries on the ovaries related to age or other factors;
• there is a risk of transmitting serious genetic diseases;
• low chance of pregnancy using her own oocytes.


IVF procedure is performed in stages:

• Drug-induced ovulation-stimulating activities
• Follicular puncture
• Fertilization
• Embryo culture
• Embryo transfer and cryoconservation of remaining ones
• Pregnancy diagnosis


In order to achieve effective in vitro fertilization a proper preparation is necessary. Basically doctor schedules one of IVF protocol start dates either on day 2-3 of menstruation cycle or a week before start of the period. Before the procedure, both spouses have relevant tests to rule out diseases including somatic diseases. Even in case of basic cold the artificial fertilization program should be postponed till next month. Both partners should be completely healthy.

In the next stage gynaecological examination is performed. Also, prospective mother has blood test for hormones. Proper hormone monitoring allows to select a correct dose of the required medicine and to monitor follicle growth dynamics. In our clinic you can not only perform IVF but also have the above tests. Most test results are available already in a couple of hours which allows the doctor to immediately make corrections to the treatment program if necessary.

After signing program enrolment agreement doctor sets up either of ovarian stimulation types. If there is a normal follicular reserve (5 to 7 follicles on each side) the procedure can be performed, whereas if there is a follicular cyst (follicles from previous cycle), the procedure cannot be performed. In order to avoid asynchronous growth, there is a need to achieve disappearance of functional cyst via drugs.

Patient must not eat before the puncture. Partner must also be prepared for material donation refraining from intake of alcohol and smoking and should take multivitamins before IVF. Abstinence time before sperm collection should be no less than three days.

Puncture is carried out using local anaesthesia or IV narcosis. After performing the puncture, each cell is sent to embryologists for further work.

Transfer of embryos is carried out without anaesthesia. Both partners can watch the transfer on a special monitor.


The main advantage of this method is the possibility to give birth to children for those who cannot do so due to congenital or acquired pathologies and defects. Here the chance of successful fertilization significantly increases due to preselection of healthy cells and constant monitoring of their growth.

Recommendations after IVF, lifestyle

Immediately after embryo transfer the most important stage of adaptation of embryo to a new environment takes place. After performing artificial fertilization doctor recommends the patient 6-day rest with restricted physical activity. Outdoor activities, visiting friends, trips to cinemas and shops should be postponed. Basically, maximum rest should be ensured and risks should be minimized.

After successful fertilization is confirmed and pregnancy occurs, the woman can live a lifestyle standard for pregnant following all of doctor’s advice. Once again, it is categorically recommended against overly active lifestyle after IVF in order to ensure comfortable and safe fetal development.

Progress is all around us: today, medical technologies allow achieving desired results in pregnancy even with complex health issues in future mothers and fathers. Successful pregnancy rates at first IVF attempt are also growing which is important for young families, for the price of procedure is still high. Keep in mind that some clinics offer their patients whole package of services including a complete set of necessary manipulations and they provide discounts to loyal patients, sperm and egg donors. This allows to significantly save on procedures. What is the IVF price made up of? Even classic IVF for patients planning an IVF baby consists of a set of stages. In some cases it involves more stages than in others: everything is determined by the health of participating women and men.

Often hospitals boasting high rates in successful IVF somewhat raise prices which is justified since chances of achieving pregnancy from first attempt are higher. This is interesting. IVF success rate depends from certain factors including woman’s age, infertility duration and causes, protocol peculiarities and even patients’ state of mind. At the modern stage of medical development the chance of effective IVF sometimes reaches 50% but on average pregnancy is achieved after the first attempt in 1/3 of cases. The experience accumulated in a clinic has no small part: a medical institution specialized in artificial fertilization for decades as a rule perfects its procedure algorithm based on observations and also pays good wages to doctors who have most work experience. High IVF price scares many couples, that’s why in an effort to save money they may turn to a clinic with a bad reputation which has reduced process to attract patients and is using outdated methods and drugs. Patients who have made up their minds to several attempts also often refuse important extra procedures or choose a program package which does not include important tests. But they should keep in mind that the saying about the miser paying twice excellently fits IVF: objective analysis of all market offers and cooperation with expert doctors will help achieve the desired result without disappointment and extra costs. How to pick an IVF clinic and should one be guided by price only?

Irrespective of the fact that price is an important criterion in choosing a clinic for IVF, it shouldn’t be the decisive one since figures in a pricelist tell us nothing about the quality of provided services.

Experts recommend paying attention to the history of a medical center: how many patients did it help? What do you know about the doctors who work inside its walls? Does the clinic or its executive staff have important awards? Answers to all these questions will help choose among numerous services in artificial fertilization. It is important to study reviews of other patients but not take too seriously any critique based on failure to get pregnant from first attempts: unfortunately, even the most qualified doctors are not almighty, and success mostly depends on the health of individual patient and not the quality of performing IVF. Besides, negative comments always prevail on the Internet. Pay attention to experiences of people who were treated before you, their impressions of communicating with a doctor or the clinic by asking them about how attentive the expert was, if the payment system was transparent or if the patients felt comfortable during visits and procedures.

Do not delay your chance to become parents!