We provide transfer from the hotel to the clinic and back for our clients for comfortable performance of medical procedures and additional examinations.

Transfer from the airport, every time when the client arrives for certain procedures or already pick up the child.

The presence of our translator in the clinic and the registry office.

Assistance in the selection of the necessary package of services in the clinic.

Legal registration of contracts.

Help in choosing a donor and a surrogate mother.

Monitoring the health of the surrogate mother during pregnancy.

Reports to the client on the results of the survey surrogate mother.

Translation and apostilization of documents. (VIP package)

Preparation of all necessary documents for legalization and registration of parental rights of the child.

Notary services. (VIP package)

The presence of our translator at the embassy.

Airport transfer.

Comfortable living conditions and three meals a day are included in more expensive packages of services.

We will also organize excursions for you to the best places of the city of Kiev, shopping tours with Ukrainian flavor and unforgettable impressions. You will surely remember our hospitality.

Our team has long and successfully provides consulting services to couples who are forced to resort to the services of a surrogate mother. We take every responsibility with all the responsibility, applying all our strength to make the path 9 months long for everyone to pass easily. It is important for us to protect the interests of all parties, therefore we provide full legal support of the program from the beginning to the end, we carry out full coordination of the surrogate mother throughout the pregnancy. In short, the period of our communication with you averages 14 to 18 months and at this time we will become inseparable with you.

Often people are interested in how exactly the cooperation takes place and how long each of its stages takes. Imagine here the full cycle of this cooperation:

1. Acquaintance between the client and the agency, services provided and programs.

2. Legal registration of necessary contracts, determination of financial conditions for cooperation.

3. Medical examination of future genetic parents.

4. Determination of the candidacy of a surrogate mother.

5. Legal registration of relations with the surrogate mother and the medical center.

6. Conducting medical procedures for the IVF program.

7. Observation of pregnancy under the constant supervision of a surrogate mother by a representative of our company.

8. Delivery surrogate mother.

9. Registration of all documents stipulated by law for a newborn, including birth certificates, certificates of genetic relationships, IVF and others.

10. Preparation of all necessary documents for the legalization of the child and registration of parental rights.

11. Preparation of a package of documents for submission to the consulate of your country.

12. Obtaining a permit for a child free departure from the territory of Ukraine.

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Address of our office:

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